Join Chuck Richardson’s Book Launch Team

My debut novel, True Status, is scheduled for a mid-summer release. Will you join my launch team to make sure as many readers as possible are aware of True Status? It is a mysterious and entertaining story with a little romance thrown in. True Status is also the story of God’s pursuit of every human heart with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Primary jobs of a launch team

  1. Read an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of True Status.
  2. Post reviews on Amazon.

What you get

  • Free copy of True Status (pdf).
  • My gratitude.
  • To be a True Status insider. Opportunity to ask me questions about True Status as well as to share your thoughts. This will be done by email and/or a private Facebook group.

How you join the launch team

Fill out the Contact Me form on my website and let me know you want to be on the launch team. For more information click: book launch details

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