Frankie was a thief – Part 1

If you’re a Bible teacher, you may want to develop problems and scenarios that help your students understand spiritual concepts or identify with biblical situations. I wrote this fictional story several years ago to introduce a young-adult class to a certain book of the Bible. It’s written in the second person point of view so you, the reader, are a character in the story. Following the story are some discussion questions I used with my class. Use the comments to answer the questions. Try to guess what book I was introducing and what will happen in part 2 of the story. Hint: It is one of the books of the Bible that only has one chapter.

Frankie was a thief – Part 1

You are a Christian and live in the Chicago area. You are employed as one of three first shift supervisors at a small business. Your company designs and manufactures products sold primarily to the U.S. automotive industry. Business has been slow for a few years, so you received no raise last year and the year-end bonus check you were expecting never arrived.

Two years ago one of the other supervisors left the company and your plant manager, Jim Akers, hired a new supervisor named Frankie Feste. You were never comfortable with Frankie, his background was very different from yours and his personality did not mesh with yours. Frankie was not a Christian and there was something you didn’t like about him. Plus, there were a couple times Frankie made you look bad in front of Jim, your boss.

Last year Sue Johnson, the other first shift supervisor, mentioned during lunch that Frankie had gotten into some financial trouble and needed to get some cash quick, he needed $1200. You are good friends with Sue and had tried to interest her in becoming a Christian. Sue loaned Frankie $350 the previous day and thought you would be able to help Frankie out also. You met with Frankie and you decide to loan him $950. He promises to pay you back the next month. The next week Frankie doesn’t show up for work. You stop by Frankie’s apartment and learn he has moved and left no forwarding address.

1. Why did you loan the money to Frankie?

2. How do you feel about Frankie now?

3. If you meet Frankie again, what would you say or do?

4. What scriptures come to mind that will help you?

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